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Berlin: The radical left (scene) in Israel

Samstag, Oktober 6th, 2012

Da ich in letzter Zeit nur unregelmäßig meine Mails abrufe (sehr zum Leid mancher Leute, bei denen ich mich wegen der späten Antworten entschuldigen muss), ist diese mir von mehreren Personen empfohlene Veranstaltung am Sonntag, den 7. Oktober, etwas untergegangen. Allerdings fragt man sich, wer sich diesen blöden Titel ausgedacht hat. Wer interessiert sich schon für die „Szene“, außer die „Szene“?

Sonntag, den 7.10.2012, 18.30 Uhr, Café Commune (Reichenberger Straße 157 in 10999 Berlin- Kreuzberg)

The radical left scene in Israel

Some in the German left attract attention for their unorthodox position of „supporting Israel“. But they tend to conceal to which Israel they actually want to address their solidarity. The conservative government currently in power? The right-wing settlers in the occupied territories? The now largely defunct peace movement? The recent mass protests for social justice? But even if they are prepared to concede that the country is no monolithic block, there is one political faction that they are used to willfully ignore: Israel’s own radical left. From the point of view of an Israeli who has lived there for more than 20 years, I will tell you about the political situation and its conflicts, the history of immigration, and the various left-wing groups trying to topple racism, war, and 45 years of occupation.

(The presentation is in English)

Die Veranstaltung wird unterstützt von der North-East Antifascists NEA.