…and apologizes after change of government. An exhibition with various media formats at:


Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin

25.8.–16.9.2012, Thursday – Sunday 2 – 7 pm

MEINBLAU invites you to the vernissage on Friday, August 24 at 7 pm

With various media formats such as paintings, texts, video and sculpture Volker März stages episodes of his fictional Kafka novel. Among the involved personal are people of philosophical, literary, political and historical background like Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, Pina Bausch, Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Netanyahu etc. According to März’ narration Kafka had survived the tuberculosis and succeeded to row in a boat together with his ape Mr. Rotpeter to Palestine in 1924. Kafka started to make comments and tells us his thoughts and observations on the current situation in Israel until his hanging in 2010. After the hanging Kafka’s spirit continues to recognize the absurd reality in Israel marked by a colonial racism, a media machinery of anxiety and hate as well as an identity creating militarism. However the new government in Israel apologizes and intends to start with Kafka the first Jewish world revolution to enable men after all to live a life as human apes mocking the modern process of civilizing. In März’ humorous as well as angry narration Kafka after all continues his travel to South Africa to arrive at the end in the “new Germany” 2012.

It is März‘ art to deal with explosive topics and generating them with various media formats to a complex narration.

For the finissage on Sunday, September 16 at 4 pm. Bernadette La Hengst
will give a live concert playing all Kafka popsongs written by Volker März.