Es ist auffällig. Überall wird der israelische Vorwurf verbreitet, dass die Insan Hak ve Hürriyetleri (IHH), die islamische Organisation, welche den Schiffskonvoi nach Gaza teilweise mitorganisierte, Verbindungen zu Hamas oder sogar zu Al-Qaida habe. Seriöse Quellen? Die sucht man vergeblich. Selbst die Tagesschau übernimmt, wenn auch kritisch, den Vorwurf der israelischen Seite. Bei Wikipedia werden als Quellen aufgeführt: Ein Artikel des Washington Institute for Near East Policy1, ein Artikel aus der Jerusalem Post2 und ein weiterer aus der Economic Times. 3 All diese Artikel eint aber, dass sie erst nach dem Vorfall veröffentlicht wurden. Und das, obwohl Verbindungen zur Hamas und Al Qaida bestehen sollen. Bei den vielfachen Aktivitäten dieser Organisation klingt das unwahrscheinlich. Aber wie dem auch sei. Die gesamte Presselandschaft übernimmt jedenfalls in Kette diese „Quellen“, oder schreibt voneinander ab, ohne sie nachzuprüfen. Nach Koray Caliskan, Vizevorsitzender der  Bogazici University’s Department of Political Science and International Relations in Istanbul, verhält sich die Sache dann doch etwas anders:

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly argued that the Turkish Islamic Charity IHH that owned the ship Blue Marmara has been linked to various networks of terror. Many journalists reiterated the claim; at times referring to former French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere’s statements about the links between IHH and Al Qaeda.

Previously, Judge Brugiere had reached erroneous judgements that attracted critique from both the left and right establishment of France, a position difficult to reach. In his controversial report that came out in 2006, he accused politicians in Burundi for acts of terror by consulting only two sources, who were established political enemies of the man the judge accused. Both Liberation and Le Figaro, the ideological poles that are hard to bring together, had joined forces to discredit the judge’s previous accusations of terror.

This time by consulting no source at all, Mr. Brugiere points a finger at another alleged source of terror, IHH. According to the former judge, now a professional politician who has ran for office with Sarkozy’s conservative coalition, the Islamic charity is linked to networks of terror. He is wrong, again. This time for three solid reasons:

First, IHH e.v has also been active in Germany, which ran a thorough investigation of all Islamic charity networks in Germany, including IHH. Despite great effort and careful research supported by Turkish government, no link to any organization that even ideologically supports forms of active resistance of any sort was found. The organization is pacifist, denying employment to any one who embraces even symbolic violence.

Second, IHH is closer to Saadet Party, the political enemy of the ruling AKP and a party closer to the ideology of Christian Democrats in Germany and other parts of Europe. AKP would be inclined to do its best to discredit its rival’s charity organization, and with reasons more legitimate than those of former Judge Brugiere. They could not find any links.

Third, the ultra-secular establishment of Turkey loathes any form of political Islamic organization, including IHH. So far, none of these organizations, including the ones who were innovative enough to accuse president Abdullah Gul of being a “US agent”, could even imagine that IHH had links to Al Qaeda.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has imagination wilder than Turkish Islamists and Seculars, French Communists and Conservatives combined. The time has come to use that imagination for peace, not killing or accusing peace activists.4

Marsha B. Cohen hat auf Mondoweiss die Quellen nachverfolgt, welche die IHH als „terrornah“ denunzieren: ‚Terror’ smear against IHH springs from a familiar source. Lang, aber sehr empfehlenswert!

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